God’s Love Makes You Beautiful (Part 2)

(Written July 2017)

All of us have experienced rejection. It’s inevitable because the world is fallen and we are fallen (though redeemed by Christ). Plus, we have a spiritual enemy who works against us. Recently, I had an unpleasant encounter with a friend and lost that friend because of it. Broke my heart and left me feeling rejected and judged. I imagine she feels the same. Not my friend’s fault or even my fault, just a result of the fall that breeds misunderstandings and wounded hearts.

So, I was reflecting upon that circumstance when the Lord spoke to me. He said:

“I knew when I made you that you would fall, that you would become broken, that you would do stupid stuff. I made you anyway.”

That may not minister to you, but for me, a sick and tired of striving and performing Christian, facing ongoing challenges with loved ones and not-so-loved ones, who fails and flails around trying really hard and still messing up, those words encouraged me. He knew what a mess I would be and He knew how dark and confusing the world that He chose to raise me in would be (don’t understand it, but accept that He has a purpose in mind), and he still chose to make me.

I really do not think that God made me because He needed someone to hate. I really do not think that God made you because He needed someone to crush or reject or despise. He knew our struggles and our failings, and He chose to make us anyway. Let us allow that truth to comfort us in the hard and confusing times, when people push us away, when confusion overwhelms.

Because His love really does make us beautiful.

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