Trust and Transition

  Written January 2018 On September 10th, 2017, I drove my elderly mother through pounding rain to a busy emergency department. She had been scheduled to see a cardiologist on the following day, a Monday, but Hurricane Irma had just slammed into the coast of Florida. My mother’s Alabama city was flooded with refugees, andContinue reading “Trust and Transition”

The Sound of Cowbells

(Written January 1, 2018) For the Lord is going to destroy Babylon, and He will make her loud noise vanish from her. Jeremiah 51:55 In his famous epic poem, Paradise Lost, 17th-century poet, John Milton, named the capital of hell Pandemonium. The word pandemonium means a wild uproar or a scene of unrestrained chaos andContinue reading “The Sound of Cowbells”

Thoughts to Prayers

(Written December, 2018) And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7 I have been paying attention to my thoughts lately. I haven’t been censoring them, just listening. And I realized that I think a lot about other people. And what I thinkContinue reading “Thoughts to Prayers”

Angel Commander

the earth was filled with violence. Genesis 6:11 We live in a time when violence is closer to home than ever. Just recently, while walking in our neighborhood, Sam was threatened by a teenage boy. A few weeks before that happened, we drove up on a fight in front of a grocery store. While helpingContinue reading “Angel Commander”

Forget You. I Have Your Office.

Written April 2017 Have you ever noticed that good people will get put in an office – any position that includes leadership responsibilities along with the authority to fulfill those responsibilities – and then BOOM they start doing really bad things, things they would never ever have dreamed of doing before assuming that office? ForContinue reading “Forget You. I Have Your Office.”

What’s in it for the Devil or Don’t Be Dinner!

Written April 2017 Have you ever asked what the devil gets out of torturing people? What is the payoff for that kind of maniacal behavior? If you are like me then you have been offered a number of explanations. I’ve been told that the devil is out for revenge against God; that he is outContinue reading “What’s in it for the Devil or Don’t Be Dinner!”

New Website & Audio Teaching!

Written February 2017 I am very excited to announce that the ministry’s website is up and running AND I have overcome the looming obstacles of unknown (and, thus, terrifying) technology to record a downloadable audio teaching. The audio teaching tackles how the heart believes. This is a very important subject because our hearts are designedContinue reading “New Website & Audio Teaching!”

What’s Behind These Gender Issues? (Part 3)

Written August 2017 Looking for Causes and Cures Part Three of this series exposes the hidden beliefs empowering the spirit of misogyny and misandry. What is at the Root of Today’s Gender Issues? When I was a college student a certain number of science courses were mandatory in order for me to graduate even thoughContinue reading “What’s Behind These Gender Issues? (Part 3)”

What’s Behind These Gender Issues? (Part 2)

Written August 2017 Looking for Causes and Cures When Men Are Hated In Part One of this series, I raised the possibility that the confusion surrounding gender might be growing out of wide-spread exasperation with the ongoing bitter hostility between men and women. If society regards gender as fluid; if it doesn’t matter, then perhaps some ofContinue reading “What’s Behind These Gender Issues? (Part 2)”