About Susan and The Pool Ministries

Hello from Susan: The Pool Ministries came alive around 2002. I wanted to explore the many different approaches to inner healing being offered to believers. So many of us were miserable instead of joy-filled and I wanted to know why AND I wanted to do something about it. I wasn’t interested in making people more comfortable, happy or prosperous. I wanted to be deeply connected to the Life-Source and I wanted others to be connected to Him also.

A few other believers agreed with me and off we went investigating many streams of healing and testing them on each other. Today The Pool Ministries offers it’s own tools and strategies for inner healing. You can find them at http://www.thepoolministries.org.

This blog is a place for me to relax and write informally about the every day challenges facing believers. I laugh a lot and find much of life so entertaining. Let’s have fun here as we grow together in joy and peace!

About Susan: Susan Bowman is an Elijah House-trained prayer minister. Elijah House has long been recognized as the premier training school for ministers of inner healing and deliverance. She has studied with many other respected inner healing and deliverance ministries including Restoration in Christ Ministries, Thrive Today, Shepherd’s House, Hearts Set Free Ministries, Transformation Prayer Ministry, Deeper Walk International and the Immanuel Approach.

For more than 20 years, Susan has served the body of Christ as an inner healer and deliverance minister. As well as working one-on-one with believers, she teaches the principles of inner healing and deliverance for the purpose of equipping the saints, prayer ministers and pastors to set God’s people free.

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