God’s Love Makes You Beautiful (Part 3)

Written August 2017 What are you holding on to? What are you storing inside because you believe no one cares or can help? I was storing grief. Lots and lots of unprocessed grief, because I believed that expressing it just made things worse. This morning I gave all that grief – years and years ofContinue reading “God’s Love Makes You Beautiful (Part 3)”

God’s Love Makes You Beautiful (Part 2)

(Written July 2017) All of us have experienced rejection. It’s inevitable because the world is fallen and we are fallen (though redeemed by Christ). Plus, we have a spiritual enemy who works against us. Recently, I had an unpleasant encounter with a friend and lost that friend because of it. Broke my heart and leftContinue reading “God’s Love Makes You Beautiful (Part 2)”

God’s Love Makes You Beautiful

Written June 2017 The First Evening Meditation after God said, “My love makes you beautiful.” I hate dressing rooms for a very good reason. They are filled with the emotional despair of every woman who as ever looked at herself in that mirror on the wall. Ugh. Avoid at all costs. But occasionally it isContinue reading “God’s Love Makes You Beautiful”