Colonoscopy and the Fear that Everyone Wants to Hurt Me

So, I have avoided submitting to the dreaded colonoscopy well beyond the recommended age that the screening is supposed to take place. For my international readers, all Americans are encouraged to be screened for colon cancer when they are 50. My husband went under the gun; I mean invited this home invasion; I mean wasContinue reading “Colonoscopy and the Fear that Everyone Wants to Hurt Me”

New Website & Audio Teaching!

Written February 2017 I am very excited to announce that the ministry’s website is up and running AND I have overcome the looming obstacles of unknown (and, thus, terrifying) technology to record a downloadable audio teaching. The audio teaching tackles how the heart believes. This is a very important subject because our hearts are designedContinue reading “New Website & Audio Teaching!”

Are You Blaming the Wrong Thing?

Written March 2017 I know you have heard expressions like these: Life is Hard then You Die; Love Hurts; No Good Deed Goes Unpunished; Don’t Get Your Hopes Up. Here is a favorite of mine that makes me chuckle: Don’t fall in love. Fall off a bridge. It hurts less. We have all heard, made andContinue reading “Are You Blaming the Wrong Thing?”

Lighting Up the Darkness

Written November 2016 It’s Not About Politics. Honest! I ran across a funny meme on Facebook the other day. It read: “I don’t think America should elect any president in 2016. We need to be single for a few years and find ourselves.” Let me establish this fact upfront: I’m not very political and I’mContinue reading “Lighting Up the Darkness”