Are You OK?

It’s an Alabama winter day. The temperature has risen dangerously high, and everyone has battened down the hatches in anticipation of the severe weather that often results when cold fronts crash into warm fronts. I am tucked inside, thinking about you, those that read my writings, and wondering if you are ok. This season isContinue reading “Are You OK?”

Spiritual Challenge in the USA

Written 2/15/2018 I wish I had shared this with you before the recent shooting in Florida. Here it is now. Please pray as the Lord leads you. The Lord has been talking with me about three high-level evil spirits that have recently been super empowered to do great harm here in America. Here they are:Continue reading “Spiritual Challenge in the USA”

Forget You. I Have Your Office.

Written April 2017 Have you ever noticed that good people will get put in an office – any position that includes leadership responsibilities along with the authority to fulfill those responsibilities – and then BOOM they start doing really bad things, things they would never ever have dreamed of doing before assuming that office? ForContinue reading “Forget You. I Have Your Office.”

What’s in it for the Devil or Don’t Be Dinner!

Written April 2017 Have you ever asked what the devil gets out of torturing people? What is the payoff for that kind of maniacal behavior? If you are like me then you have been offered a number of explanations. I’ve been told that the devil is out for revenge against God; that he is outContinue reading “What’s in it for the Devil or Don’t Be Dinner!”